Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions we receive at Treemoondus.  Please contact us at customer service for additional inquiries.

The Basics

Do you sell cannabis and can I buy some from you?

What is the difference between Hemp and Marijuana?

What is CBD, or Cannabidiol?

What are Cannabinoids?

What is CO2 extraction?

What are phytochemicals?

What is the endocannabinoid system?

What’s in your Hemp besides the naturally occurring cannabinoids?

Is standard Hemp seed oil the same as a high-cannabinoid hemp extract?

Will A Little Help™ Hemp Oil cause me to fail a drug test?

Product Questions

What is Treemoondus A Little Help™ Hemp Oil?

What are the ingredients in Treemoondus A Little Help™ Capsules?

Does Treemoondus ship A Little Help to all 50 US States?

Is Treemoondus A Little Help™ safe for children?

Do I need a doctor’s prescription or medical marijuana card to buy Little Help?

Why do people use Hemp extracts?

Why do you source your Hemp and CBD from Kentucky?

How should I store my A Little Help™ Hemp Oil?

How should I use the included dropper to administer the Hemp Oil?

What kind of testing is performed on your products?

How should I decide which hemp extract to purchase?

Why isn’t there an expiration date on Treemoondus Hemp Oil products?

For Pets

What are the ingredients in Treemoondus Pets?

Are there any side effects from giving my dog Treemoondus Hemp extract oil?

Are there any side effects from giving my dog A Little Help™ extract oil?

How Much is Enough For My Dog?


How do I track my order?

My order is taking a while to get to my home, where is it?

How do I return a Treemoondus product?

I would like to sell Treemoondus Hemp products, where do I start?